Unique Fly Fishing Experience

There are many theories to explain the allure of fly fishing. We prefer to describe fly fishing as an art form with many personal benefits. As with any art, the level of enjoyment and personal satisfaction sought or achieved varies widely with each individual. Irrespective of age and experience we do know that your St. Lewis River Lodge visit will deliver a wealth of memories in the art of hooking, playing and releasing Atlantic salmon amidst absolute luxurious surroundings.

Scanout - Breaking the surface

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The ST. Lewis River System

Much of the first 35 kilometers of the river consists of deep canyons and gorges, which tail out into boulder runs and rapids followed by long shallow steadies then more canyons. The river embankments are generally steep and continuous, 10-50 meter high tree covered or bare outcrop thus proving difficult to explore by helicopter and virtually impossible to systematically traverse by foot.

The federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans had classified the St. Lewis River system as an Unscheduled Salmon River until 2000; likely due to the remoteness, low angling pressure and limited information about the salmon runs. In 2001, it was designated as a Scheduled Salmon River in conjunction with the opening of the southern section of the Trans Labrador Highway.

To date we have explored most of the down river section and continue to evaluate the ever changing holding pools as water levels fluctuate. We have also explored a 12 Kilometre section immediately up river from the Lodge and it still remains undetermined as to actually how many pools exist, certainly dozens of prime holding areas. 

The Second Falls at Kilometre 35 has been determined to be a complete barrier to salmon migration. Establishing a natural ladder at Second Falls will expand habitat to an approximate 135 Kilometres. 

Fishing Season

June 15 - September 15


3 - 20lbs

The Falls Pool

We have angled the First Falls Pool at the St. Lewis River since 1995. 

The First Falls is a temporary barrier to salmon migration during June and most of July and those water conditions create one of the best locations in the world for Atlantic salmon angling. 

With the St. Lewis River Lodge perched 30 meters from this pool, the preferred angling attire consisted of shorts, tee shirts, sandals and the occasional bathrobe seen heading for the pool at 04:45.

As the First Falls reaches its salmon holding capacity, salmon then begin holding in two pools immediately down river from the First Falls.

A short stroll down the walkway will have anglers accessing Bear Pool and Pool 47 or crossing the rope bridge provides angler access to the south side of the pool.

The St. Lewis Lodge angling experience is most suitable for families, close friends and understanding colleagues that are relaxed about sharing, taking turns and rotating pools. Over the years we have witness many perfect ladies and gentlemen quickly succumb to bouts of “salmon fever”; with bodily functions, nourishment or night fall being the only ways to pry the rod from their hands at the prime angling location just below the lodge.
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