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Wild mountain fishing for wild brown trout in the Snowdonia national park. The forgotten mountain lakes in North Wales offer serine natural vistas with exceptional fly fishing and reasonable access for a true wilderness experience.

Targeting free rising wild brown trout across the large 24 acres lake. Taking a roving approach traveling light to cover all the water employing the traditional method of cast and walk proved to be a great method to catch these fish. 

The second lake is much smaller only 5 acres and has an idyllic stone-built hut dating back to the 1800 which offers an escape from the mountain weather. A simple approach with a 9 foot 5 wt rod and floating line. Either a team of wet flies or single dry fly small flies work better and the fly hatches can be amazing.

The resident tout live to an old age here, with wild brown trout caught annually up to  5 pound. Fishing late into the evening offers a good chance to catch these trophy fish.  

Local flies work best at the Gamallt Lakes, flies that are known as “Ffestiniog Flies”, there are collections of these flies for day fishing, night fishing and for different periods during the fishing season.

The names of the more popular of these flies are Iron blue dun, Mallard and Chocolate, Reddish-Black Sedge, Hares Ear Sedge, Large Reddish-Black Sedge, Robat Jos’ Shop Sedge, (and a few other sedges), Fflambo, Mallard and Claret and the Heather Fly.


Fact File:

Llynnoedd Gamallt – Gamallt Lakes


Presently considered one of the finest wild brown fisheries in Wales

Large Lake 24 acres, small Lake 5 acres

Height 1,534’

Grid reference:

GR SH749443

For more information about this wilderness fishery contact: Wayne@the flyshop.co.uk