Fly Reels

At LOOP we take great pride in the fact that we set the industry-standard for high performance Large Arbor fly fishing reels.

Since our launch of the original concept in the early 80s, LOOP fly fishing reels have been designed to excel in the harshest fresh and saltwater environments around the world. This is achieved by incorporating the very latest engineering procedures and performance componentry with the strongest, most reliable drag system technology available to the modern fly fisher.

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BSF Classic Reel

SEK 10.000,00
A unique, limited edition run of 100 Classic Reels done in collaboration with the Baltic Salmon Fund, with 10% of each sale going towards th...
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ASF Classic Reel

SEK 10.000,00
In honour of the Atlantic Salmon Federation's 75th anniversary, we are excited to announce a run of 100 limited edition LOOP Classic reels, ...
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Classic Reel

From: SEK 7.030,00
Beneath the stunning looks of the Classic fly reel is the ultra-modern Power Matrix Drag System. This monstrous braking system will subdue t...
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Stealth Classic Reel

SEK 7.030,00
Created without compromise, the limited edition Stealth Black Classic Reel is the ultimate combination of style and performance, and a rare,...
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From: SEK 3.825,00
Our iconic OPTI fly reel range is available in a variety of diameter sizes and designed for optimised performance for an extensive range of ...
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Evotec G5 Reel

From: SEK 2.815,00
Our immensely popular and reliable Evotec reel series continues its incredible evolution with a sleek, updated design and several upgraded f...
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Opti Reel Spare Spools

From: SEK 1.800,00
The Opti fly reel range is available in a variety of diameter sizes and designed for optimized performance for a extensive range of species ...
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Evotec G5 Spare Spools

From: SEK 1.240,00
Spare spools for our immensely popular and reliable Evotec reel series. The G5 is the fifth generation member of the family, and a worthy su...
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Q Reel Spool

SEK 730,00
AVAILABLE IN FOUR INCREMENTAL sizes, the excellent new range of LOOP Q fly reel spools are the direct result of a two year project to develo...
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