LOOP exists to provide the best gear for our worldwide community of passionate global anglers, supporting conservation of fish species and waterways, and inspiring more to enjoy nature and the world of fly fishing.

As a collection of anglers we have a passion to produce fly fishing tackle for every application that nature can throw at us. Each and every fly fishing rod, reel, line and accessory is designed for function, longevity of use and high performance in the world’s toughest fly fishing conditions.


Since pioneering the industry-standard Large Arbour reel back in the 80’s, we have continued to combine the very latest engineering procedures and performance componentry with the strongest, most reliable drag system technology on the market. All designed to excel in the harshest fresh and saltwater environments.

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Designed to deliver unmatched performance in all manner of fly fishing applications, our rods are the result of a collaboration between the needs of the global fly fishing community and some of the world’s leading engineers. Each comes with a range of actions and specifications created to suit every type of personal preference.



We design and produce fly lines that are carefully developed to balance our range of rods for specific applications. Presenting the fly at the right place and depth is the most important priority, so our tapers and densities deliver an option for every possible situation.

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From robust technical fly boxes to high performance nippers, we offer a range of functional and practical accessories to cover your needs.

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